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​​My work helps people better understand and overcome their challenges through self knowledge and purposeful growth, recognizing struggles and their sources, and resolving both internal and interpersonal conflicts.  The therapeutic experience is personalized for each client. Whether your struggle stems from relationships, work, personal change, unhealed trauma, grief, loss or something you can’t name, please call me to discuss how working together may help you feel better. 

​​​​​Phases of Change Therapeutic Arts, PLC is the private practice of Charity Eugair, MA, Vermont registered psychotherapist. Located in Rutland Vermont, Phases of Change serves adult and teen clients through traditional or Expressive Art therapy, therapeutic groups and Expressive Art Therapy retreats. 

art as a way of knowing & telling our story

Internal Family Systems

 Art Therapy Retreats

​​​​​​​Traditional & Expressive Art Therapy in Central Vermont

one scale avenue - the howe center, building 18, suite 302, Rutland, VT   05701

Expressive Art Therapy 

Individual  Therapy

a systems perspective on individual human behavior

​"The only constant is change"- heraclitus 

Change is a constant which carries us through life. Change can be abrupt or nuanced, welcome or unwelcome and is sometimes necessary but not easy to adapt to or understand. Even positive, exciting change can be formidable and, at times, bring with it anxiety and overwhelming work. When you are struggling to move through change, connecting with a skilled, compassionate and well-matched therapist can help you to cope with and make the most of transition.  

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