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changing and being changed​

While art always has the capacity to transform us, Expressive Art Therapy (EAT) offers the therapeutic effect of a creative experience as facilitated by a specialist who is first a professionally trained, credentialed therapist. The work is not about creating an aesthetically pleasing product, it is about engaging in a process which helps you understand and move through your concerns in a new way. 

Shown at right is a crazy quilt block from my project: How We Give Ourselves Away, regarding women and contemporary martyrdom, also an outcropping of my thesis research. 

developing and teaching new methods: ​​

I have worked with Dr. Wendy Phillips, Ph.D., LMFT, REAT, REACE, on a variety of Expressive Art Therapy endeavors.  One is the development of the workshop, 'Weaving New Narratives: Multimodal Trauma Integration Inspired by La Tejedora', developed in partnership with Wendy and Elizabeth Walker, LCPC-c of Bath, Maine. The experience of working with Wendy and Elizabeth on the development of this trauma integration method was exciting and growth-promoting. After piloting the workshop at Goddard College, we submitted it to the Expressive Arts Therapy Summit, an international conference, and were selected to teach the modality to other therapists in New York in November, 2016. 

At right, the collective weaving of our NYC group is stitched together by Co-Developer Elizabeth Walker, MA

Below, photos from Goddard's Haybarn Theatre and the development of the Weaving New Narratives workshop. 

art as a way of knowing​​

The relationship between art and knowledge is not only possible and valid, but sometimes superior in its capacity as a means of expression when communication about trauma, shame or fear is difficult to verbalize. With this method, I help facilitate the telling of your deep truths and the translation of your concerns into an externalized format from which we can work, therapeutically, toward resolution. 

At left: a mermaid figure in clay, untitled, an expression of life and healing after sexual trauma

Expressive Art Therapy 

expressive art therapy GOES DEEPER

Retreats offered by Phases of Change Therapeutic Arts are unique 2-3 day immersion experiences of engaged artistic expression, skill development, community building, therapeutic group work and connection with kindred spirits, all staged amidst some of the best accommodations and attractions Vermont has to offer. Retreats centralize around textile based therapeutic work - such as crazy quilting, expressive stitching and narrative tapestry - and also include elements of body/somatic work, ecotherapy, clay work, photography, journal writing and more. 

expressive art therapy at phases of change: ​​

The experience of Expressive Art Therapy at Phases of Change is informed by my academic study, original research and therapeutic method development in this niche field of mental health. I am thankful to have both witnessed and experienced Expressive Art Therapy and am honored to share this unique, deeply moving experience with my clients. Expressive Art Therapy is multi-modal, using various and combined techniques. Many of my offerings are rooted in my medium of passion: textiles.

The narrative tapestry, pictured left, is the expressive product stemming from my study, Victim Perception of Covert Abuse: The Role of Art in the Self-Knowledge and Healing of Non-physically Abused Women