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Ecotherapy Meets the Expressive Arts:​  (3 hours)

This group will offer an introduction to Expressive Art Therapy integrated with Ecopsychology principles, narrative therapy and a spectacular afternoon in nature. We will explore metaphors of our own experiences in nature and draw inferences from the natural world's own methods of healing, growing and integration. ​​

Tailored Group Offerings:​  

Customized offerings for one-time or ongoing therapeutic groups are available by proposal any time. An excellent option for any organization whose employees will benefit from self-care, from human services and medical staff members to employees of high-output seasonal industries and more. Groups will be customized to meet any specific or general set of wellness concerns and all logistics (location, food, etc.) will be included. Contact me for more details and a proposal. 

Please check here soon for brochures on these groups / workshops with greater detail and specific dates. Email me if you'd like to be notified when they're available. ​​


working with others: 

Group schedule forthcoming, group offerings available by proposal at any time. 

Vicarious Trauma in Direct-Service Work​  (ongoing)

This is a therapeutic group for anyone who works with traumatized populations, ranging from mental health professionals to community agency workers to teachers and more. The focus of this group is to identify, share and process about the traumas we all take in from those we serve. Our ability to serve others well depends on how we're able to work through what we take on. Find support, connection with others and tactics for coping and integrating the vicarious trauma from your work.