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" The secret of

change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new "

  - Socrates

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Individual Therapy 

Many people are looking for one-on-one individual therapy in a private setting with a trusted, trained therapist. In individual work, our time is about your personal and specific issues and concerns, with the therapeutic work focused on your unique needs. I offer individual therapy in 60 and 90 minute sessions through a range of methods - art based and traditional - tailored to the individual. 


In group work, the validation and support of others who have shared a similar experience or struggle can be a deeply valuable and supportive dynamic. Groups range in size depending on content but are generally not more than 12 people at most. Groups addressing vicarious trauma for human services workers  and introduction to Expressive Art Therapy will be offered in early 2018 and can be offered by proposal at any time.  

Expressive Art Therapy Retreats

Unique to Phases of Change Therapeutic Arts, Expressive Art Therapy Retreats are day-long or multi-day experiences which combine group work and Expressive Art Therapy with skill building, interpersonal connectivity, self-exploration, and the development of therapeutic community. Retreats are tailored to group needs, are multi-modal (using varied art approaches and therapies) and integrate some of Vermont's finest nature-based restorative activities and venues. Retreat schedule for 2018 is forthcoming, and retreat offerings are available by proposal at any time. 


"Strawberry Thief" art by William Morris, printed on lawn cotton by Liberty of London textiles