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what to expect: 

Our first session - Initial therapy sessions accommodate the intake process. Material covered includes my professional disclosure, a review of my policies and approach, discussion of confidentiality and my ethical obligations to you and others, and an intake form which collects basic information. In addition, our intake time covers your family and social history, the beginning of your story, a deeper explanation of what has brought you to therapy and other information you feel is important about our work together. 

During our sessions - Individual therapy is relationship-based work, involving considerable time together and sharing deeply. I ask many questions to guide our dialogue toward productive exploration. My approach is very real and engaged, balancing space to decompress with going deep and making brave progress together.

Creativity in session - Expressive Art Therapy is a modality which I passionately believe in as a way to help people articulate, study and move through a variety of struggles. You may choose to engage in art-based work, traditional "talk" therapy, or have Expressive Arts interwoven into our sessions as needed or inspired. You do not need any artistic experience, skill set or natural "creativity" to engage in this work. Wear comfortable clothing and a desire to learn about your capability and your Self. 

Logistics in session - Sessions generally occur in 50-55 minute blocks and may be scheduled as needed, though most clients choose to stay on a regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. The last 5-10 minutes of each session is reserved for checking in about the day's work and planning our follow-up. 

Between sessions I am available on an emergency basis. 

I'm happy to chat and consult over the phone if you have more preliminary questions. Please call or email to discuss services or schedule an appointment.

Individual Therapy 

where we begin: 

When beginning therapy, an initial evaluation takes place to determine what you hope to gain and how I may help you. You'll have a chance to get to know if my skill set, approach and methods are well suited to your goals. This is also a time for you to have dialogue with me, develop a sense of how we may connect and determine if you feel at ease with my manner and personality. 

​Phases of Change Therapeutic Arts currently bills Medicaid and BCBS insurance plans and accepts private pay. Read about my fee schedule and payment policy here.


working together, one-on-one: 

You may be seeking therapy for a variety of reasons, such as navigating major life challenges or trauma, coping with depression or anxiety, or simply the desire to live a more more fulfilled, authentic and satisfying life. Sometimes clients don't well understand their reason for seeking therapy beyond experiencing challenge or conflict. This will be addressed in your first session as we examine your objectives and goals in therapy.