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WAYFINDING 101: A Guide to Ignite Your

From Passive to Passionate
About Your Quality of Life

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I'm Charity Eugair. Psychotherapist, Artist, Educator + Mentor.  


I help women cultivate their quality of life through creative personal growth programs. The women I serve become change agents in their own lives, developing the skills, resilience and Self-leadership that make life whole. This work matters now more than ever. 

Maintaining a strong sense of Self is challenging today. Overwhelm, distraction and negativity are all around us. Everywhere we turn, agitation is mainstream. We may not see the consequences of of this constant, low-grade "negative charge". We just feel numb, overwhelmed disconnected and unfulfilled. We don't have to live that way.


So how do we say NO to all the fear + distraction and YES to our best possible quality of life? Creatively, in Self-relationship + with structure, strategy and trusted guidance. 

If you're ready to go from passive to passionate about your quality of life, explore my offerings to get started. 


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