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Self-leadership for Women on the RISE 

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Are you feeling disconnected, seeking more structure for personal growth? 

Are you facing a transition or change and in need of more resilience? 

Are you braving entrepreneurship, full time or on the side?


I'm Charity Eugair, Psychotherapist, Wellness Educator + Business Mentor. I treat trauma, depression and anxiety in my clinical practice. But I live by a core belief that 'okay' isn't where we stop the work of change. 'Okay' is just where it starts to get interesting.  For this reason, I work beyond the baseline of wellness to help women navigate change and build lives of deep fulfillment through personal growth development. I help women to: 

  • Deepen their Self-relationship + build personal resilience,

  • Navigate significant life changes with greater ease,

  • Build businesses that embody their true calling, and

  • Live from a place of Self-leadership for ongoing, optimal wellness

The only constant is change. It happens moment to moment and day to day whether we notice it or not. All too often we are passive bystanders in this process. We are all called to focus in many directions. Increasingly, the world around us demands our attention in ways that simply do not serve us. Social media. News media. The constant noise and distraction from what matters.

Through my signature approach, I guide women in building Resilience through Intentional Self-Expansion (RISE). Rooted in therapy theories and my clinical experience, RISE Wellness brings a creative, curiosity-driven, radically compassionate approach to personal growth beyond the baseline of wellness. By investing our attention and intention inside we become clear, confident and courageous in our lives. 


If you're ready to feel energized about your journey, understand yourself and others more deeply and learn to lead from your most authentic place of Self, this work is for you. 



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