Therapy + Coaching

A partner in your growth journey

I believe that you already contain all you need to live the most extraordinary life. If you aren't, it's not because you're lacking, less-than or broken. It's because the best of what you contain is obstructed by trauma, limiting beliefs or stuck patterns.


Together we can locate + liberate your core, sacred Self and help you begin navigating and leading from that place of unshakable strength. You'll build on inner relationship that helps the best of what you contain emerge while dropping the shame and self-blame that sometimes accompanies our struggles. This is the work of IFS

I'm not here to give you answers, I'm here to help you find them. What I bring is an evidence-based road map, tools of creativity + depth and expert guidance for your journey of growth and healing. 


In-person Sessions

My studio is a container where women can drop the noise + static of the outside world and step with both feet into their sacred, creative journey. When my clients enter this space, they love what they see, but even more so, they love what they feel.

Here we can integrate all kinds of creative process into our work together including textile work, art journaling, painting, sculpting, casting and more. The studio features an enormous worktable, space to make messes, ample supplies, tools and many unique + historic curiosities to inspire. 

The studio is also simply a clandestine space of ease and comfort for our IFS journeys + sessions.

Virtual Sessions

All the work I do can be facilitated virtually. Among the many lessons of the pandemic, we've learned how to do deeper connection over the miles. I love in-person work but am happy to offer sessions virtually. If you're near enough we can also do both. 

I use Zoom for our sessions and can offer phone sessions if preferred once we are well acquainted. Virtual work can be just as effective and powerful, sometimes more.

If virtual sessions work best for you, I'm glad to accommodate. 

Image by Justin Kauffman

Therapy or Coaching?

I am often asked these questions: how do I know if I need therapy or coaching? What's the difference?  The short answer is it depends on what you're experiencing in life at this time.


Therapy addresses emotional and behavioral struggles that are interrupting our lives and helps us get back to the baseline of wellness. I offer therapy within Vermont. Read more about my qualifications + scope of therapy work here.

Coaching helps us work beyond the baseline of wellness to optimize our quality of life, reach new goals and deepen further into our full self-expression. I'm a big believer in not stopping at 'okay'. If you are, too, let's talk!

We can get clear about your unique needs in a consult call or first session. Click below to book now. 

Please note: I do not work with children under 16 or accept health insurance of any kind. 

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