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Are you exploring an entrepreneurial dream? In need of recalibration for your existing business? Seeking clarity on a career path or pivot? How we interface with the world professionally is a huge piece of our life landscape and wellness. Getting the right kind of guidance to launch and lead fiercely in your professional life is imperative. Furnishing it is my purpose. 


I'm Charity Eugair, Psychotherapist, Career Counselor and Entrepreneurial Mentor. I help women access the clarity, courage and confidence they need to build businesses and careers on a foundation of their core Self, and to forge lifestyles of Self-leadership in which fulfillment and financial freedom align.


I stand by a core, unfaltering belief that you already possesses what you need to be successful.  My role is to teach, strengthen and empower you to become Self-led as a professional and a whole human.  My clients learn to know themselves differently and more deeply, to resolve inner resistance and roadblocks to their success, and to navigate all the phases of change between where they are and where they want to be in their professional lives.

If you're ready to build, grow and love a professional life that is an extension of who you are, welcome to the beginning. This work is for you.

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