Creative Self-leadership for women
working in wellness

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the best time to prioritize your work-life balance was years ago.

The second best time is

Right  Now


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Women in all roles, and especially if we're helping professionals, are tragically likely to be disconnected within. To over-give, undersell, deplete ourselves and be last on our own list. It's hard to stay well in this work. 

The reasons for this are many. The functional solutions are few. It's not as simple as stepping away from work + life for a time. In doing so we merely come up for air. 

As a therapist who's come through crushing burnout + depletion, I don't believe 'self care' is a remedy. Why? Because it's not just a lack of care that gets us there. It's a lack of inner connection

Women working as change agents need a new map for this journey, beginning with a return to their wise + sacred Self. 

What's It's All About

How to begin Your

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Personal + professional
development don't need to be

Mutually Exclusive

In fact, I don't believe they should be. 


When my own journey of growth finally braided personal, professional + spiritual growth together the shift I experienced was profound. And desperately needed.

I learned to have my own back. I cared less what others thought. I let go of ill-fitting choices. I found immense creative freedom + professional alignment to my highest calling.


Through Art Odyssey I teach women to use the same transformational approach I did for their own growth journey AND how to use those same powerful tools in their work with others

As helpers, women, mothers and more, the idea of putting ourselves 'first' can be activating. Something may seem to get left behind.


Let me invite you to a reframe: Rather than putting ourselves first, we must put ourselves in the center of our lives. We must find and occupy our highest Self and lead from that sacred place within.


The Art Odyssey journey is one of Creative Self-leadership that changes how we live, love and work. When we become Self-led, the leadership we offer others is naturally, effortlessly the best it can be. We are confident, clear and though the work still may not be 'easy', it's completely different. 


The Foundations of

Art Odyssey

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know yourself differently +
more deeply through

Internal Family Systems

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Internal Family Systems, or IFS, is a rapidly growing model for therapy and personal change. I am a level 2 Institute-trained IFS therapist and this paradigm has completely transformed my personal life + work. 

Internal Family Systems is one of the two pillars of Art Odyssey. IFS teaches that we are dynamic, made of both a core, unbreakable Self (akin to our soul) and also many 'parts' which have roles in our lives. 

More than just a concept, IFS teaches us a powerful process to navigate differently within, finding and befriending many things we didn't know well, or might have thought of as our "inner dragons". 

As it happens, when we love what's in the way, it will transform. IFS shows us how. 

Art Odyssey students learn this by first meeting themselves through IFS lens, then by integrating the same powerful tools in their work with others. No matter what our work is, when we understand our clients differently, we can help them differently. 

IFS is a remarkably rich way to discover the untold volumes within us. Watching people meet themselves differently through the IFS lens - and witnessing the wonder, healing and growth that they find in Self-leadership - is the single greatest joy of my career. 

I am so honored to bring this work beyond the couch to other helpers for their personal + professional development. 


"When we love what's in the way, it will transform". 
Dick Schwartz, PhD - developer of the IFS model


Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts are a discipline of creativity aimed not at the outcome or visual goals of the creator, but at their exploration and relationship with what's within. 

Art can be a language, a vehicle and in the Art Odyssey model, it is used as a tool for what we call 'unblending + befriending'. When we can do this, incredible things begin to happen. 

One of the most complicated tasks in being human is getting some space from whatever's within that feels hard. Most of us can relate to being "consumed" by an emotion, in both positive and negative ways. 

We use art to get space from - and better know - whatever needs our attention. From there, inner relationship can begin.

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In addition, Art Odyssey teaches us to use the creative process for other key elements of our growth journey, such as getting cohesive about our own life narrative. Through Art Journaling, textile art + other creative processes, Art Odyssey students add enrichment, confidence and joy to their personal growth and learn to bring the creative process into whatever kind of helping work they offer.