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The primary approach to all my work is Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS asserts that people are made of a core 'Self' and numerous sub-personalities, or ‘parts’ which is regarded as completely normal. Wellness stems from Self-leadership and a balanced internal state, but can be disrupted when parts are operating in disharmony with one another, or the Self. 

All these parts have good intentions in their non-extreme roles but are often pushed to extremity, producing unintended outcomes. IFS brings knowledge and strategy to the individual and empowers them, from Self, to reorganize, care for and harmonize their system.

In the work of career counseling and entrepreneurial mentorship, I use IFS to help clients become Self-led in their work lives. IFS helps them to better understand themselves and their WHY, to navigate their professional journey more effectively, to explore goals through new eyes and to find the clarity, courage and confidence to do what they're meant to do. 

Internal Family Systems

If you love what is in the way 

it will transform. 

~ Richard Schwartz


At times my work incorporates the Expressive Arts. While art always has the capacity to transform us, the creative process facilitated by a trained  professional in therapy or other personal development work has the potential to reveal to us what we cannot see in dialogue or find with plain language. Art helps us know and express differently. 


Expressive Art work is not about creating an aesthetically pleasing product; it is about engaging in a process which helps us understand and move through our concerns, questions and growth goals. 

When we can use art to express thoughts, emotions and experiences they're then made real in an external, tangible format, rather than stuck inside us. This process of using art to get some separation from our emotions, thoughts and memories helps us to be present with them more safely, or with more curiosity and in a way that helps us process and grow.


In therapy and in career-based work I use art as a means of following curiosity and befriending the internal system.  I also use the Expressive Arts in my Growth Groups and periodic workshops and retreats. 


The Expressive Arts

a Talk with Richard Schwartz, PhD


We know more than we can tell.

~ Michael Polanyi