The primary approach to all my work is Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS asserts that people are made of a core 'Self' and numerous sub-personalities, or ‘parts’ which is regarded as completely normal. Wellness stems from Self-leadership and a balanced internal state, but can be disrupted when parts are operating in disharmony with one another, or the Self.


All these parts have good intentions in their non-extreme roles but are often pushed to extremity, producing unintended outcomes. IFS brings knowledge and strategy to the individual and empowers them, from Self, to reorganize, care for and harmonize their system.

The work of IFS helps people understand and navigate their own inner world more effectively, to know themselves and others through new eyes and to access increased Self-energy thereby improving how we feel, show up in the world and connect with others. 


The brief video below is a wonderful introduction to IFS featuring founder, Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, seasoned practitioners and individuals whose lives have been profoundly changed by the model. 





Much of my work incorporates the Expressive Arts. While art always has the capacity to transform us, Expressive Arts processes focus on the transformational effect of a creative experience as facilitated by a professional who can guide the process in a safe, meaningful and healing way. 


Expressive Art work is not about creating an aesthetically pleasing product; it is about engaging in a process which helps us understand and move through our concerns, questions and growth goals. 

Through Expressive Arts offerings human thoughts, emotions and experiences can be transformed into a tangible format in visual, written or performed artistic expression. In doing so, we are able to shift the emotional weight of our thoughts and feelings to the external realm, into a form we can be apart from, witness, tend to and better understand. 

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