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My approach to wellness and self-care is highly integrative. The primary theories I work with include Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Expressive Arts. 


Both are powerful and transformational approaches to knowing ourselves more deeply and learning new ways to communicate.  Both inspire a high degree of curiosity, both reveal surprises to us as we learn more about who we truly are, and both allow us unprecedented freedom to be deeply authentic and be known.

Through Internal Family Systems we learn to see ourselves through new eyes and to accept ourselves as dynamic, or made of many different facets. IFS facilitates a radical yet rational acceptance of ourselves as having many different parts, emotions and ways of showing up in the world. 

IFS is a powerful shame-buster, illuminating sides of ourselves we may have only known in a negative light, but in a new and understandable context. 

IFS allows us to befriend the many parts we have within, getting to know them as we would any new person. Along the way we come to understand that we have reasons for all that we do - positive and shameful. When we can finally understand our inner motives we can finally, truly, forge peaceful resolution within. 

Through the Expressive Arts, we learn to show up, express, use our voices, tell our stories and be vulnerable enough to be known. We learn to use art to externalize what we hold inside, even if we cannot do so through the traditional spoken word. 

In Expressive Arts, one need not count themselves as 'creative' in order to succeed. The truth is that everyone, everyone, everyone has creativity of some kind inside of them. Aside from this, the goal of Expressive Art work is the process, the inner communication and connection, and the ability to take emotions and thoughts and work them into some physical form. 

From that place, when we can witness our emotions, thoughts and even experiences in a form separate from us, we can gain safety, clarity courage and insight. 

Art in all forms has the power to connect us more deeply with ourselves and others and to help us find a complete, cohesive narrative about our life experiences and dreams. 

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