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1:1 IFS Consulting

I am a Level 2 Institute-trained IFS Therapist. I have used IFS as my core theoretical orientation in clinical practice for several years. It's been life-changing to me and to so many who I've served. 

Today I offer 1:1 sessions with therapists + other helping professionals who are interested in bringing the IFS model into their work with others. This can look like education, case consultation or in-vivo learning through your own personal exploration. 

If you're looking to hone your IFS skills or learn how the model can dramatically shift the work you're doing now, let's talk!

1:1 Entreprenurial Coaching + Mentorship

Particularly in mental health, women have difficulty finding their way out of the rigid, regimented box and into a kind of work that lights them up. Even if the vision is clear, implementation and forging a path + plan is hard for many.


It comes easy to me and it's a superpower I love sharing. My colleague friends call it 'Charity clarity'! I find it thrilling to help women working in service to get strategic about being more independent, creative and purposeful in how they serve the world. 

If you need support on your entrepreneurial journey - whether you're contemplating a leap or need help scaling, productizing or re-calibrating - let's talk! 

Looking for my women's group coaching program for therapists and change agents? Find it here

Clinical Practice

My clinical psychotherapy practice is very limited at this time in order to meet my strongest calling of helping women learn IFS + build freedom and abundance through entrepreneurship. 

I am not taking new therapy clients at this time and am not waitlisting. If you need therapy, please visit the IFS Institute site to explore a connection here

If you're seeking self-care, personal + spiritual growth, my work of this nature is now found through my new platform, Art Odyssey. 

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