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I am a Psychotherapist with a passion for teaching people how to navigate change.


In my private practice I help people restore their wellness when it is fractured by trauma, depression or relationship issues. While no longer my primary focus, I maintain a clinical arm of my practice because I love the work of helping people learn to heal themselves. As a therapist I don't fix people. I empower them to lead in their own healing. 


As a wellness educator and entrepreneurial mentor I help women build lives of fulfillment and growth and to become Self-led in their work and wellness. Whether working through the inner "muck" of an entrepreneurial venture, navigating another significant change or simply getting intentional about growth, helping women become their own change-agents is what I do best. 

My Roles


I often joke that I wasn't quite raised by wolves, but the next best thing: entrepreneurs. I grew up watching my parents build a successful niche business in the custom woodworking industry. My brother and I were immersed in it, as the family business was at our home on a retired dairy farm in Vermont. We saw the stressors and the victories. We were encouraged to dream big, too, by parents who grew up in poverty and made it out.


Thus, I was raised in a culture wherein building a business was a legitimate form of self-expression. I have always known that when our soul is truly in our work there is no losing. Only winning and growing. This context of my upbringing was a privilege. Today it is part of who I am, deep in my bones. 

My dream at the traditional college age was to study psychology. Not quite ready to leave my life (or my horse), I worked in hospitality and then running the family business for several years. My thirties then encompassed motherhood x 2, a crushing divorce and a lot of soul-searching. 

In my baby-raising years I took college courses to alleviate my boredom, built a successful online vintage clothing business and worked for a community-action non profit agency as a business mentor, where my interest in helping people grow was reignited in earnest.  

I enrolled in college full time just after my second son was born and worked straight through my BA in Behavioral Science and my MA in Psychology while other life changes raged like a storm outside. I  made it through onto my own two feet, into my own home and eventually into my own private practice. 

Entrepreneurship has shaped me, as have the struggles (divorce, trauma, loss) that I have navigated. My own life's experiences have been rich with learning and the development of skills that have served me. The result is a calling to serve other women who are navigating change and determined to RISE. 

My Roots


I live by the conviction that knowing ourselves deeply and functionally is the best way to build security, success and deep fulfillment into our lives. To have our own unique 'north' sorted out, to understand where we're trying to go and why, is foundational to our wellness.

After graduate school I encountered an extraordinary therapy approach called Internal Family Systems (or IFS). IFS is a revolutionary way to understand ourselves and others, and a functional model for pioneering deep inner growth and change. Using IFS theory, I help women to find that 'north', and to build wellness and success by crafting lives that are an extension of who they are. 

The work of knowing ourselves in this way, and leading from Self is worthy, life-affirming investment of our time. In becoming Self-led we turn both our attention and intention inside to better tend to ourselves. In doing so, we nurture our perennial wellness and are better able to to tend to our relationships, community and the world.

My Why