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Hello. I'm glad you're here.

I'm Charity. I'm an IFS Therapist, Coach + Spiritual Mentor with a passion for helping women change their lives through inner relationship and Self-leadership.

I hold fast to two core beliefs, that the only constant is change and that the life we want is built on a foundation of inner relationship

There's so much we must shed off as women, even under the best of circumstances, to come full circle and return to our Sacred Self. I guide women in this journey from a place of deep understanding of the human condition, a passion for WHOLE expression and an ongoing journey of my own into history, mystery and divine connection. 


My master's degree is in Psychology and my areas of focus have been inner relationship, career counseling, sex and gender issues and domestic and sexual violence. 

​During graduate school I focused on Expressive Art Therapy and also stumbled into a therapy approach I hadn't learned about in any textbook called Internal Family Systems, or IFS.

IFS spoke straight to my soul. Here was an approach that featured not only radical acceptance and shame-negation, but an empowerment-based model in which the client was the primary healer in the work. Here, the therapist was not the authority, nor the expert-on-high, but the guide. IFS + Expressive Arts have been the foundation of my therapy practice and informed all my personal growth + mentorship work

My private practice grew for several years until the medicalization of mental health began to erode me. It was at this time that I rediscovered a path of purpose that I had found, yet bypassed, in my young life: Sacred Feminine spirituality. My nature-based, Goddess-centric leanings were finally welcome in another kind of work. I stepped onto the Priestess path and began formal training in ceremonial leadership as a Priestess + Temple Guide. 

Today I offer Psychotherapy on a limited basis, Personal Growth Programs to all women, and Individual Coaching + Mentorship to women seeking more empowerment and life satisfaction. In addition, as a Priestess, I create Sacred Feminine Temple experiences for women who want to expand in ancient, intimate powerful ways with themselves, one another + the world. 

All the work I offer is rooted in my core essence. I'm here to help all your paths originate from this same sacred place within. I hope to help you live into your fullest power + expression through a life you cherish here and now, and soul-growth that to take with you beyond. 

In love + truth, 



IFS is a new, empowering paradigm for understanding and harmonizing human systems. One that can help people heal and helps the world become a more compassionate place.