I love the work of therapy. It's important and fulfilling to be on the journey of healing with someone. Whether in private practice, social work or community mental health, most of us have a sense that if we can help our clients return to wellness, we've made the world a bit better.

Conventional mental health work has changed over time and for many of us its become more challenging. Many factors influence this work, such as:

  • Our ability to stay well

  • Our ability to financially survive

  • Our autonomy as clinicians + entrepreneurs

  • The increasing medicalization of mental health 

  • Dictatorship policies from Insurance companies

  • A mandate to diagnose every client with a disorder

  • Limitations to our own protective policies

  • Exhaustion from participating in a mechanism that depletes us while we are working to lift others up

Two years ago I decided to shift my focus from what I didn't want onto what I did want. I decided that no matter how small at first, I would begin to change my work life to be more include fulfillment without include offering my core gifts, room for authenticity and the pursuit of my highest calling

Today I'm still on the journey. I've diversified into non-clinical offerings, more scalable income, writing, retreats and more. I'm also excited to offer business mentorship to women in mental health who are also called to expand. 


change the face of change, itself. 

I help women in mental health expand BEYOND THE BASELINE, to reach their full soul-based potential as CHANGE AGENTS and to be Self-led in work that heals the world and makes their lives whole. 
  • Are you a therapist seeking change or diversity?

  • Are you burnt out, or cycling in and out of it? 

  • Do you feel pulled by something within to expand, grow and work differently but aren't' sure where to begin? 


If so, I relate and I am here to help. I combine my expertise in business,  branding and - most of all - psychology to help women uncover their path to work that feeds their souls, bank accounts and the good of the world. Yes, this is possible. 

My 6-week Begin Within program is 1:1 intensive mentorship to which you arrive with (perhaps) nothing more than the unclear hollering of your heart, and from which you emerge with clarity, vision and a plan to begin manifesting the soul-based work life that awaits you.

I use the Internal Family Systems model to teach you to better understand and navigate what stands in your way - from imposter complex to self-criticism, inner critics, low self-esteem, hyper- or hypo-enthusiasm and more. We will love what's in the way, and it will transform. 

In addition, we'll be exploring all the fun, juicy, most authentic pieces of who you are at your core (because yes that is what the world really needs from you). No matter how weird or wild, we'll making space for all of them through inner clarity and vision work that will keep you headed for that North star!

Whether you are looking to leave conventional mental health all together, or simply begin building an added option for your diversity, my Begin Within program will help you know your Self AND explore the path, unseen!

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Download more information, or book a discovery call to chat about mentorship!

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Some of my best work and greatest transformation has unfolded in sacred, intentional space that I created for it. I love facilitating transformation for other women in this context, too. Give me a weekend and I promise to send you home changed!

Today I incorporate retreats and day-long workshops into the scope of my work and am excited to offer a new retreat schedule for 2022.

Up first, a 3-day immersive retreat for women therapists at the beautiful Inn at Essex in Vermont. My powerhouse colleague, Gabby Hayward of Creative Wellness PLC and I are up to all kinds of good and you won't want to miss it. 

Together we can be hope merchants, for each other and the world.