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an all-inclusive Vermont
Retreat for women Therapists
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Most of us relate to the dualistic nature of a mental health career: it feels good to help others and bring healing to a wounded world, yet the personal cost can be significant.


Our field is changing rapidly. We're working in an accelerating, uncertain world. Trying to change with it as a therapist can lead to:

  • A battle with burnout that's ongoing, 

  • Feeling depleted and in need of new, more powerful self-care strategy, 

  • Longing to shift the work to meet these changing times, and

  • A desire to work beyond traditional mental health without knowing quite where to start...

We've both been there on all counts. And if you're here, we have a hunch that you relate...

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Are we right? If so, you are invited to join us!

During our immersive days together in Vermont, we will help you:

  • Develop a powerful self-care strategy,

  • Gain clarity on your professional growth, AND

  • Enliven your current mental health work by integrating what you learn on this expansive journey.

Ready to go from depleted to inspired? Join us in Vermont for an immersive, transformational retreat this February!

We offer this from a place of deep knowing:

As clinicians, we both have some time in the trenches. Specifically, we worked in public schools and domestic + sexual violence. When we met, we were both taxed by these settings which demanded more than we could give and stay well. We both felt passionately committed to serving the people we cared about so deeply, but also felt a slow, ominous slide of our own health and wellness slipping away...

WE WERE FRUSTRATED, ANGRY and DETERMINED YET POWERLRESS in the face of so much policy, red tape and factors we could not control. An imbalance between holding space and facilitating change is a slow road to collapse. We needed BOTH the work and our wellness strategies to change. Inside and out.

Are you longing for change

both inside and out?

Luckily, a few stars aligned...

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  • Gabby and Charity became supportive colleagues and friends

  • We each diversified into the freedom of entrepreneurship and infused our work with Expressive Arts

  • We both trained in a powerful new paradigm for our work AND our own wellness (Internal Family Systems). 

  • We both learned how to expand beyond traditional mental health to amplify our impact

  • We discovered that facilitating self-care and expansion for other women in mental health...was our combined superpower.

We're ready to help you align, too!

Image by Milan Popovic

Experience a transformational escape designed to help you align inside + out:

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February 24-27 in Essex, Vermont

Self-care Meets Self-leadership: IFS in Action

We believe in an experiential learning.  In two days of immersive, deeply-moving experience, you will learn Internal Family Systems + Expressive Arts theories with us in a guided, supportive setting AND in the context of your own self-care and growth.


  • Know yourself differently and more deeply

  • View your struggles and others' in a new light

  • Learn to know, navigate and lead inside, from Self

  • Interface differently outside, from Self with all parts welcome

  • Carry the healing framework of IFS to your inner life + your evolving work

Unlike a training where you learn and return home, our Cocooning + Emerging retreat wraps you in a safe, dedicated place to learn, connect and apply - moment to moment - so that you leave transformed

Image by Aaron Burden

Two Transformations to Last a Lifetime:

1. go from depleted to restored with a FASCINATING, EFFECTIVE self-care strategy

2. UNCOVER the clarity, courage + confidence to WORK beyond traditional mental health

Read on below for Itinerary + lodging details...

Enjoy this immersive wellness experience at:


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the perfect winter setting for reflection, learning and growth 

We like to pair learning, self-love and luxury. That's why we're gathering at one of Vermont's best-loved destinations for unrivaled hospitality: The Essex Resort + Spa in Essex, Vermont!

Relax into complete comfort, escape and insulation from the outside world. You'll have the opportunity to book spa services around our gatherings, and explore a bit of Vermont!


Your All-inclusive Retreat Package Includes: 

Arrival Evening

Welcome + Opening Salon

Arrival dinner together

Creative welcome gift

Luxury private room

DAY 1 - Cocooning

Morning Yoga for release

Breakfast buffet

Morning Session - Cocooning Into Self

Morning break


Afternoon Session - Cocooning Into Self

Afternoon break / outdoor adventure

Group Dinner

Evening Salon + Narrative Stitching Sessions

Luxury private room

DAY 2 - Emerging

Morning Yoga for release

Breakfast buffet

Morning Session - Emerging Into Passion + Purpose

Morning break


Afternoon Session - Emerging Into Passion + Purpose

Afternoon break / outdoor adventure

Group Dinner

Evening Salon + Narrative Stitching Sessions

Luxury private room


Breakfast buffet

Concluding Morning Session - Integration + Migration


 - All creative materials for Expressive Arts Processes during the event

 - Program Workbook to support ongoing work at home

 - All gratuities for food service

 - Use of all resort amenities: indoor pool, outdoor hot tub and fitness center


IFS is more than a therapeutic technique. It is a conceptual framework and practice for developing love for ourselves and each other

~ Dick Schwartz PhD, Developer of the IFS Model

More About the time we'll share:

During the retreat we will journey together through two deep, exploratory and creative days designed to shift and liberate your skills, capacity and perspective. We will be using and learning Internal Family Systems theory and Expressive Arts processes in our sessions, as well as taking ample breaks, time for reflection, good food, quiet and connection. 

Our full days will include meditations, 
Expressive Art processes, Reflection time, Live demo work, Somatic release work, Outdoor engagement / adventure and more. Read more below for details about each day's content:

GABBY 2_edited.jpg

IFS + Art-based
Self-care Strategy

With Gabrielle Hayward, LCMHC

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Day 1: Cocooning Into Self-Care 

In our first full day together, our focus will be on 'Cocooning': going inside to know and navigate your inner landscape differently.

Gabby's specialty in working with women therapists is helping them learn, love and commit to self-care that goes beyond rest and reset.

We love rest and reset. But there's so much more to lasting, effective, reliable self-care. As Gabby leads the day, you will learn core principles of Internal Family Systems, be guided in experiencing the model for yourself. 

You will conclude the day with a comprehensive understanding of how to use the IFS model + creativity to 'go inside', meet your parts from Self, and to provide a secure base of love and support to whatever needs your attention within. 


Day 2: Emerging Into Passion + Purpose 

During our second day, our focus will be on 'Emerging': exploring our passions, purpose and desire to impact the world in our own unique way.

Charity's own highest calling is dualistic: to bring the power of the IFS model to as much of the world as possible, and to change the face of change itself in a world that desperately needs new ways forward. 

If you've ever felt fenced in by limited scope of traditional mental health work, you and your parts will relish in this full day of exploring how else you might manifest what you're here to do.

You will conclude the day having explored within deeply using the IFS model + Expressive Arts to get clearer on your heart's deepest professional desires and to love - and transform - whatever may be in the way.

The day is a partial intensive  of Charity's Begin Within program, designed to help women change the world by expanding into Self-leadership and evolved mental health work.  



IFS + Art-based
Professional Growth

With Charity Eugair, MA

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Image by Jaanus Jagomägi

Join us in Vermont for this transformational escape!











Pay in full, or use our Installment Schedule:
Payment 1 to secure your spot / Payment 2 by 2/11 / Payment 3 by 2/18

A double-occupancy rate is also available at $2000/pp.

10 seats only - when they're gone, they're gone! Click below for full details and to save your seat at this event! You'll be emailed by Gabby to process payment through Venmo.