Internal Family Systems theory (or IFS) is a powerful paradigm for facilitating change and understanding the human condition. IFS is used in many settings outside of therapy including coaching, in schools and in the management of chronic pain.


I offer individual IFS Consulting in two different contexts: 

  • Clinical: To fellow clinicians for difficult cases and for their own wellness. When we are stuck or stagnant with a case that is not progressing, interjecting a different theoretical approach can help shift the work and bring new energy to the session. Beyond case-based work, I teach IFS theory and method to fellow clinicians to work with their own parts and transference. This experiential angle to learning IFS - as both therapist and 'client' - is a powerful approach

  • Organizational: I offer IFS insight  to organizations seeking a new approach to human resources or a change to relational strategy in the workplace. Applying the IFS model of communication and understanding in the workplace, both with individuals and across systems, can reduce escalation and foster a more unified culture of shared success.