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I love the work of therapy. It's a fulfilling honor to be on the journey of healing with someone. At the same time, mental health work can be taxing. Whether in private practice, institutional work or community mental health, most of us have experienced burnout, compassion fatigue or some kind of professional distress along the way.

Frankly, in these changing times, changing the work to stay well in it makes a lot of sense. I'm here to help women working in mental health to make professional change in two ways: 

  •  I offer Internal Family Systems Consulting sessions to help enliven your therapy practice with elements of this cutting edge, evidence-based approach. ​

  • I offer Entrepreneurial Mentorship to women therapists who want to expand beyond traditional mental health in pursuit of their highest calling. 


If you're a woman working in mental health who is ready for some Self-led change in they way you bring the work, read on below to see if my professional services are a good fit.  


change the face of change, itself. 

I help women in mental health expand BEYOND THE BASELINE, to reach their full soul-based potential as CHANGE AGENTS and to be Self-led in work that heals the world while also making their own lives whole. 


Internal Family Systems (or IFS) is one of the fastest-growing therapies in mental health today.  Evidence-based, uniquely empowering and transformational to both clinician and client, it's no surprise that trainings through the IFS Institute are hard to get into. 

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I am a Level 2 Institute-trained IFS Therapist and the model has completely changed my life, both personally and professionally. Today, bringing IFS to the world - in therapy and beyond - is part of my highest calling. While official training is only available through the IFS Institute (and deeply worth it!), I teach the model to other clinicians who are interested in exploring it, or who are waiting for Level 1 trainings to open.


What is my consulting process like? It's a way for you to learn the model experientially, feeling its impact in your own system, while also having the space and intention to learn academically. IFS is a model best learned by experiencing it. We'll engage in the IFS process with your own system, while also dedicating time to your questions about the process, and for case-specific consultation from your practice.

Why learn IFS? There are so many reasons, but among the most important:


  • IFS is transformational and helps our clients become their own powerful change agents

  • IFS lessens the emotional weight of therapy for the clinician, and

  • IFS helps clinicians remain well by learning to work with and care for our own parts


I offer individual sessions but suggest 4 to reach a comfortable, working understanding of the model's basics. Due to the hybrid nature of this work, I offer this service in 90-minute sessions. 

IFS trainings are in great demand and I urge all clinicians to pursue Institute training. In the interim, I am delighted to help you begin your journey now through your own inner journey and independent learning. 

"When we love what's in the way, it will transform". 
Dick Schwartz, PhD - developer of the IFS model

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  • Are you a clinician seeking change or diversity?

  • Are you burnt out, or cycling in and out of it? 

  • Do you feel pulled by something within to expand, grow and work differently but aren't sure where to begin? 


If so, I relate and I am here to help. I combine my expertise in business,  branding and psychology to help women uncover their path to non-traditional mental health work that feeds their souls, bank accounts and the good of the world. Yes, this is possible in a single career path. 

My approach to entrepreneurial mentorship is rooted in IFS. It is a space to which you arrive with (perhaps) nothing more than the unclear hollering of your heart, and from which you emerge with clarity, vision and a plan to begin manifesting the soul-based work that awaits you.

I use the Internal Family Systems model to teach you to better understand and navigate what stands in your way - from imposter complex to self-criticism, inner critics, low self-esteem and more. We will love what's in the way, and it will transform. 

In addition, we'll be exploring all the fun, juicy, most authentic pieces of who you are at your core (because yes that is what the world really needs from you). No matter how weird or wild, we'll making space for all of them through inner clarity and vision work that will keep you headed for that North star!

Whether you are looking to completely change your work or simply diversify, my Begin Within program will help you know your Self AND explore the path, unseen!

This intensive 1:1 program is the most supportive, comprehensive guidance available, featuring 2 private 90-minute sessions weekly, Voxer access to me for out-of-session support, workbook and personalized homework assignments and the co-creation of your customized vision plan to help you rise into your best life and highest professional calling.


Space is limited for this offering. Book below or contact me to schedule a discovery call. 

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