are you multi-passionate ?

I certainly am!

I support women in being multi-passionate, especially if they're in clinical work. Often, cultivating our other passions, be they hobbies or other work interests, are pivotal in preventing burnout.


We are allowed to be more than therapists. We need to be more than therapists. My own battle with burnout from clinical practice led me to (and back to) some of the things in life I enjoy most. 

In my case, a lot of what I love to do intersects with entrepreneurship. Creative output + curating historic things imbued with meaning or charm.... these are my healthy outlets. In my case they manifest in the avenues below. 

Explore what else I do if it interests you, and if you're interested in exploring IFS + entrepreneurship, let's talk!

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My other work in the world:

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Art Odyssey

 Art Odyssey is the non-clinical approach to personal + professional growth I've developed from my combined expertise in IFS, Expressive Arts + the Sacred Feminine. My virtual, in-person and group offerings are all housed here!


YesterThreads Vintage

Between my careers in design + mental health, I ran an online vintage clothing shop and shipped amazing collectible fashion all over the world. I re-opened my shop, under my original flag, YesterThreads Vintage in 2022!


The Sacred Creative Co.

As a creative, I require an outlet to let my muse energy have free reign. The Sacred Creative Co. is where I offer my handmade + art-oriented goods to the world. Favorites are wearable art, textile packs, ritual supplies + decor.