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Entrepreneurship goes beyond having a job or a career. It is what we do when we are called to blaze a professional path as an extension of who we are. It is how we respond when lifestyle freedom and a lack of limits is too alluring to ignore. Is this you? 

Starting your own business is as complicated as it is thrilling. And never more so than in the beginning. Struggles like self-doubt, imposter complex and overwhelm can get the best of us, and even take us out before we begin. But it doesn't need to be that way.


Entrepreneurship doesn't live at the mountaintop. It's not a term we earn the right to when we finally launch or succeed. At every stage - and there are several - entrepreneurship is mindset and a way of being.


Whether you're:  

  • Ready to begin but struggling to take action and get off the ground,

  • Contemplating an idea but short on courage and confidence, or

  • Drawn to entrepreneurship but don't know what it may look like for you, 

I offer ways to find the clarity, empowerment and progress toward pioneering a successful business. Through 1:1 work, courses and even free content (such as my blog and resource page), I help women map and make the journey from where they are to where they want to be, one Self-led step at a time. 

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We face changes and challenges in our work throughout life. Sometimes a hard reset is necessary. Knowing that we need a change is a great place to start. Where do we go from there? 

I work with clients 1:1 to help them gain clarity around what they need to balance work, wellness and financial security. While logistics can quickly take center stage, slowing down to do the inner work of clarity, purpose and self-knowledge is imperative for career choices that serve us.


This journey begins INSIDE. Together, using the powerful, evidence-based model of Internal Family Systems, we will first work toward a new way to know yourself, navigate and negotiate with your inner system to help you plot a new professional course. To this new paradigm of thinking, we'll also add strategic planning and inquiry of your growth opportunities. 

Because I believe in helping my clients advance as WHOLE humans, I blend a powerful therapeutic approach with my expertise in business and entrepreneurship. We discover what you want to DO by discovering and honoring who you ARE.


If you find yourself in need of guidance for significant professional change but aren't sure where to begin, reach out to schedule an initial session. 

Career Counseling


While the focus of my practice has become career counseling and entrepreneurial mentorship, I continue to serve a limited number of clients in need of treatment for trauma, depression and relationship issues. I am trained as a Psychologist and registered with the state of Vermont as a Psychotherapist. I offer psychotherapy remotely to adults of all genders. 

As in all my work, I use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model for therapy, as well as Expressive Arts therapy interventions. Within Vermont I accept Vermont Medicaid, BCBS and private pay. 

If you are interested in working with me for therapy, please send an inquiry through the secure email link below and share with me briefly about your needs.