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I teach the Art Odyssey model of personal + professional development in several ways. It's no secret that retreats are my favorite. Being together is magical. 

My all-inclusive retreat experiences offer true, deep transformation for your wellness and for the work you're doing to change the world. This isn't your typical CEU training, nor is it merely an escape.


You'll find that time spent int this carefully designed container is rich with self-discovery, enlivening to your spirit and laden with inspiration for how to carry what you're learning into your work. 

Learning is balanced with creating, relaxation and reflection time. Group sizes are intimate to ensure a held, nurtured experience and much individual support.


Arrive depleted + a bit stuck, depart inspired + restored. 


Together we will deepen your practice and felt understanding of the IFS process and explore how you'll begin to integrate it into your work. We'll do this through deep, give-and-take learning discussions, meditations + powerful demonstrations that I lead in a group setting.

Our journey together into the Expressive Arts will include Art Journaling, textile work and other processes. You'll spend time learning as I demonstrate and teach you basic skills and be encouraged to create at will with my nearby support. 


Other activities include nature immersion, special meals together, quiet times for reflection and rest and spontaneous diversions to capture the best of wherever we are together. 

Currently, offerings oscillate between my gorgeous home state of Vermont and special places in my home-away-from-home, Maine's southern coast. 

Ready to step out onto your path of personal + professional growth? Explore the 2022 Retreat Schedule to reserve a spot!

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Retreat Schedule