Step 1: Read my Scope of Services

If you'd like to schedule with me for any service I offer, please read the following information before booking your appointment. 

Insurance + Payment

I do not accept health insurance for any of my services. Payment is required at or before your session. You can pay when you book, or provide a credit card prior to your appointment and be charged before we begin. 

Showing up

I encourage you to consider that booking time with me is 'renting space'. It's yours whether you use it or not. You pay for the time because it has been taken out of my inventory for you. Cancellation within 24 hours involves a forfeiture of your payment. With 24+ hour notice, you may reschedule within 2 weeks. 

A non-medicalized model of therapy

I do not work within the medical model of therapy that requires diagnosis of a disorder, treatment planning, proof of medical necessity and the keeping of medical records. My reasons for this are many and intended to protect us both. Here, therapy is effective, professional and between you and I. We decide what you need and how we spend our time. 

ongoing vs. as-needed

Some folks need ongoing commitment in order to move out of crisis or reach stability. I am not the right therapist in such cases. The therapy I provide is brief + solution focused. Across most of my work you can expect a 6-week minimum window to achieve real change. When we resolve what needs attention in therapy, you may choose to move on to coaching to keep going. This said, I am also open to 'as needed' sessions for past + new clients who find that life requires "the right support right now" without ongoing needs involved. Life is like that sometimes, and I am here when it is. 

Therapy + Coaching

  • Therapy addresses a struggle that interrupts your life. It's what we reach for when we experience emotional or behavioral setbacks and need to return to a baseline of wellness. It may or may not involve addressing past trauma. I OFFER THERAPY ONLY TO THOSE WITHIN VERMONT.

  • Coaching addresses goals and positive changes beyond the baseline of wellness. Here, coaching may address relationships, personal development, entrepreneurship and spiritual growth.​

My Credentials + Experience

I earned a BS in Behavioral Science at the College of Saint Joseph and a MA in Psychology and Counseling at Goddard College. I am trained as a Psychologist, a Level 2 IFS Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist. I have worked as a state-registered Psychotherapist since 2016 and in private practice since 2017.

Who I serve

  • In Therapy + Coaching, I serve adult women (including trans women) and non-binary folks who are moving through personal change and in need of more Self-leadership. In some cases, I'm also a good fit for 16-18 year old young women and non-binary folks after prior consultation with parents.

  • In my Consulting work, I serve other therapists, coaches and helping professionals who are: 

    • Seeking entrepreneurial support building and scaling their wellness business

    • Seeking to learn, experience and integrate the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model into their work

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Thank you for taking the time to review this information. If you have questions, please contact me so we can chat or set up a free 15-minute call. If you are ready to book a session, click below to proceed to my availability calendar.

Looking forward,