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In my private practice, I offer psychotherapy, coaching + mentorship to women who are navigating life struggles or changes and need to develop new toolsdeeper inner relationship + a new kind of strength to draw on. 


I am educated + trained as a Psychologist and currently work as a psychotherapist, coach + mentor to meet a broader range of needs for women in all stages of life.  

My therapeutic approach is called Internal Family Systems (IFS). I blend IFS with the Creative Process + Sacred Feminine Spirituality across my work at large. This approach lets me meet you at a depth that's more connective with therapeutic tools that are evidence-based and transformational

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The short answer is it depends on what you're experiencing in this season of your journey. 

If the way you feel is interruptive to life, to relationships or to being consistently happy + fulfilled, it's a great time to seek therapy. We work together to understand the origin of your struggle (which may or may not be clear to you) and then meet regularly to work on a strategic process of healing and unburdening so that you can feel well again.  

However, if you're not struggling but want to grow + evolve in one or more areas of your life, coaching + mentorship can help you get there. In this work we'll spend time evaluating the changes you want to make, how I can help you achieve those goals and then meet regularly for support, guidance and accountability. 

I offer both therapy and coaching because being our best involves having support and guidance during all stages, not just when things fall apart. 

Internal Family Systems (or IFS) is an evidence-based approach that helps us know ourselves differently and more deeply, negotiate our emotions and responses, and become our own primary emotional caretaker. It's attachment theory applied inside.

IFS embraces the 'multiplicity of mind', or the notion that we are all naturally varied in our personalities. Instead of viewing this as disordered, IFS teaches us to embrace all our "parts" inside, to lead from our core Self (akin to the soul) and to build inner relationship and trust throughout our entire system. 

Self-compassion and empowerment are corner stones of the IFS model in which the client, not the provider, is the primary healer. The IFS therapist is not a hero or an "expert on high", but a guide.

Helping my clients understand and approach themselves differently through the IFS lens is one of my great joys. I am an IFS-Institute trained Level 2 Therapist.

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Expressive Arts Therapy is another approach I use to help people know and express themselves differently. Art is a powerful language in its own right and has the power to give us voice through words, images, objects and visual story. 

I trained in Expressive Arts Therapy theory at Goddard College, where I earned my Master's Degree in Psychology. I wrote my thesis on the role of art in how women understand their own experience with domestic violence. 

I enjoy developing new creative approaches and have taught for the Vermont Psychological Association, graduate level workshops at Goddard College and at the Creative Therapies Summit in NYC. I am a member of the International Expressive Art Therapy Association. 

My session space is an art studio in the historic Granary in Brandon, Vermont (also remote). I enjoy bringing creative processes to my clients there, and at retreats throughout the Northeast. 

I work primarily with women and do not work with minors. 

I accept private payment by credit or debit card. My rate is 120/hour, due prior to the beginning of the session. I do not accept insurance or furnish 'superbills' for reimbursement. 


Use the link below to schedule your first session or request a free 15-minute phone consultation.