Sacred Feminine Temple


Are you longing for more connection + deeper meaning on your journey? Are you weary of the world's noise and seeking a different kind of support for your growth?


Join me on the shore of Lake Champlain for an evening of powerful connection, Sacred Feminine worship + Self-discovery.

Come, gather, experience a

THURSDAY July 14, 2022

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I'm Charity. 

I fiercely believe that women's wellness hinges on their inner relationship.


While I'm skilled at helping women with this goal through my clinical practice, coaching and educational programs, those ways of working left me longing to offer women more

Sacred Feminine Temples are spaces + experiences of carefully cultivated, cohesive energy where women can step out of the world's noise and into connection with the Goddess within them. 

Why attend Temple?

Sacred Feminine work brings so much to our lives that's been lost. It's about restoring inner relationship, Self-leadership, living from our deepest essence and finding fulfillment in sisterhood.

Temple is a place of worshipping the earth + mother Gaia, of journeying within to discover parts of you that need to be brought out of hiding, of learning through stories, of speaking our truths, singing, dancing + of deep reflective practices. We are guided in rituals help us let go of what does not serve us and call in what is trying to be.


Each temple is different and constructed around a powerful theme. Each temple experience offers the same consistent resonance of a safe, experiential container for women. 

It's a bit like church, with more interaction, more excitement, no dogma and no men. 

The Experience

  • We arrive and gather in a welcome circle to chat, orient, and be together in ease and comfort. 

  • During this time more will be explained about what to expect. I'll talk about the Sacred Agreements that make our time together deep, safe and the most of what we're there for. 

  • We will be smudged + enter into the Temple space one by one.

  • We will emerge and gather for a gorgeous lakeside picnic dinner, a glass of wine and to bask in + process our time in Temple. 

As your Temple Guide, I will create and hold this safe space for inner connection with yourself + the divine, guiding you in an empowered way that helps you know yourself more deeply. 

All parts of our experience are optional and every woman remains in full self authority. 


BELTANE GATHERING  @ The Temple of Remembrance


Merlin Stone


Sovereign Queen

Have you struggled to step into true leadership in your own life? 

Are you ready to find and claim more empowerment? 

The theme of our July Temple offering is Crowning the Sovereign Queen. The Sovereign Queen is one of the 13 faces of the Goddess in the 13 Moon Mystery Tradition. Within us, she manifests as the powerful, full-scale ruler of Self, the place inside where we sit squarely on our unique throne, whole unto ourselves.

Today, many of us struggle as women to step fully into our power. To prioritize our expression and purpose. To live fully and confidently as who we really are. Deepening in this way is the purpose of this Temple.

We will learn more about this face of the Goddess, how we can know her within us, and how we can embrace this archetype in support of our most authentic, fully-expressed lives. We will release what obstructs our power and crown ourselves as the Sovereign Queens we truly (already) are. 

crowning the

THURSDAY July 14, 2022

Registration Details

Registration includes the pre-temple gathering, Temple and dinner event thereafter. 

We gather beginning at 4PM at the Theatre at Kingsland Bay State Park in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. We will conclude at 9PM.

Accommodations will be optional nearby. Details, directions and what to bring will follow your registration payment. 


$200 per person
Use code: JULYEARLYBIRD50 for $50 off!


Join me!

July 14 Sacred Feminine Temple
Jul 14, 4:00 PM EDT
Kingsland Bay State Park

I'll reach out to you personally by email as soon as you register.

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Can't wait to see you there!