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It bears repeating: the only constant is change. If you are well but want to be better, or are feeling stuck with questions, challenges or blocks to your ongoing personal development, Coaching for Self-Leadership can help move you forward.

What is Coaching for Self-leadership?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) sees humans as made up of many different "parts" and a core Self. Parts develop over time in response to adversity, have good intentions, and may or may not be aiding our wellness. Our Self is the solid, steady center of our being which is calm, curious, compassionate, clear, connected, creative, confident, courageous and more.


When we balance our inner system, and tend to our parts with compassion, the Self naturally emerges and leads. We recognize Self-leadership when we feel capable, grounded, connected with others and can achieve flow between our goals and outcomes. 


Coaching for Self-leadership brings Internal Family Systems theory to individual, goal-based work for people who want to resolve blocks to personal development. Expand your wellness by cultivating inner relationships with parts and Self, and by optimizing your personal growth. 

What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Coaching? 

The short answer to this question is that psychotherapy is a treatment for mental health struggles and unresolved trauma while coaching (of various kinds) is not. Coaching offered through Phases of Change is intended for people who are at or above a baseline of mental and emotional wellness but who want guidance, support and help moving forward in one or more parts of their life where they currently struggle. 


Can I receive teletherapy from you from where I live? 

Only in if you reside in Vermont and are physically there at the time of service. I am a state-registered Psychotherapist working under clinical supervision toward licensure as a Psychologist. As such, I do diagnose and treat mental health struggles and trauma. However, I only furnish psychotherapy services within the state of Vermont. If you are in Vermont and seeking psychotherapy, read more here. If you live elsewhere and need a therapist, find one here


Why do you do both? 

I believe that wellness exists on a continuum ranging from deep, debilitating struggle to ongoing wellness with no glass ceiling. Reaching a baseline of wellness and concluding therapy is a beautiful thing. But growth needn't stop there, even though contemporary models of mental health treatment do. 


Therefore, I apply Internal Family Systems work to the upper end of the wellness continuum to help people become increasingly Self-led. Many people who don't meet any diagnostic criteria wish to engage in the work of ongoing growth and wellness. I deeply value the ongoing work of optimizing our personal potential. 

How do I know which one I need? ?

In a coaching consultation, I'll ask you a series of screening questions to help us both be clearer about your needs. If I assess that your needs exceed what coaching provides, and that therapy is a better fit, I'll help you find a referral to a mental health professional near you. The most important thing is that your wellness and safety needs are met. If you suffer with depression, anxiety or thoughts of self-harm, my coaching services are not a good fit. 

How do we connect for coaching sessions? 

I work both by phone and Zoom (like Skype but more secure). For those near central Vermont, I am happy to meet in person for our coaching sessions. Please contact me to set up a consultation if you are interested. 

What is the cost of coaching? 

Rates for coaching are outlined in the PDF document below. Click the PDF icon to open the rate sheet. Please contact me to set up a free consultation.


Charity Eugair, MA - Psychotherapist  

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